All Piers Atkinson designs are hand-made in his East London studio by a team of craftspeople, milliners and makers. 

Piers Atkinson works with a variety of materials; silk flowers, feathers, felt, straw and veiling to create his bespoke pieces, using traditional methods of blocking, colourmatch dyeing, steaming and sewing. However the designs are renowned for their use of unexpected and unusual materials including hand-made pom-poms, Swarovski encrusted artificial fruit,
toys and even glitter unicorns. 

As Atkinson's bespoke hats are made specifically to your requirements you are guaranteed to have an exclusive, one-off designer piece created only for you. To see the archive of our designs, click here.

Prices start at £250 which includes fittings at the studio in East London or at any location in the city. We suggest leaving three to four weeks for us to complete an order, although we can discuss a shorter time span.

Piers Atkinson has made bespoke headpieces for many private clients for all occasions,
for members of the aristocracy and for celebrities Anna Dello Russo, Dame Shirley Bassey, Dame Zandra Rhodes and Rihanna. 

Please contact info@piersatkinson.com to discuss.
Please note we are open during office hours.




‘all the rage - Part I’

Autumn Winter ‘18.

A dark collection, with flashes of brights, in black felts and leopard-print, with ostrich feather pompoms and laser-cut veiling. The collection is a work-in-progress and explores the idea of the natural world hiding patiently in the shadows, waiting for a great danger to pass, to creep back out; red in tooth and claw. The collection was photographed on Fashion Media & Promotion students at UCA Rochester, celebrating their personal achievements and individuality.


‘dragon’s gate’

Spring Summer ‘18.

This collection was inspired by a tale that originated in Ancient China and spread to Japan. The story celebrates faith and perseverance, leading to a singular transformation that takes place at The Dragon’s Gate; the triumphant scaled carp, having swum upstream for 100 years, becomes the scaled Golden Dragon. I found this legend very motivational. Waterlilies, dragons and golden carp decorate a variety of summery hats photographed on Luna; a highly creative individual who works with fashion, make-up, pose and prose to create a multitude of identities online. I was so thrilled she created one for me for this project. We printed a lookbook inspired by Japanese ink paintings.



Autumn Winter ‘17.

A sombre toned but comically addressed collection that takes us out of this world, into the unknown, in a last-ditch attempt to achieve contentment. The season was presented alongside a collection of Instagram posts in the form of a countdown. News, gossip, warmongering, profiteering, trash and consumerism have poisoned the ‘world’ so time to jet off and find a new one. Choose your passengers carefully; I was reminded of Douglas Adams’ brilliant theory on the origins of humankind on Earth in his brilliant Hitch-hiker series.


‘This Little piggy went to market’

Spring Summer ‘17.

This collection is about capitalism vs. creativity. It’s a struggle. I wanted to explore the commodification of our lives, our bodies, our personalities: The Meat Market. I love this collection; it swings from highly commercial and attractive designs in beautiful nude (fleshy) tones, but is mixed with highly UNcommercial styles that tell the story from a different perspective. We photographed the collection on Edie, the daughter of a friend and client. They turned up at my stand at London Fashion Week and Edie dazzled us with her confident approach and poise. The next time we saw her was in Tatler! She has a face that really sums up the new generation to me; diverse/integrated, mindful and strong.



Autumn Winter ‘16.


‘Midnight Cowboy’

Spring Summer ‘16.


Autumn Winter ‘15.



Spring Summer ‘15.


Autumn Winter ‘14.



Spring Summer ‘14.



Autumn Winter ‘13.


Spring Summer ‘13.

‘OH, MY!’

Autumn Winter ‘12.



Spring Summer ‘12.


Autumn Winter ‘11.



Spring Summer ‘11.



Autumn Winter ‘10.


Spring Summer ‘10.

‘THE frog and the princess’

Autumn Winter ‘09.


Spring Summer ‘09.



Autumn Winter ‘08.