‘all the rage - Part II’

Couture ‘19.


‘all the rage - Part I’

Autumn Winter ‘18.

A dark collection, with flashes of brights, in black felts and leopard-print, with ostrich feather pompoms and laser-cut veiling. The collection is a work-in-progress and explores the idea of the natural world hiding patiently in the shadows, waiting for a great danger to pass, to creep back out; red in tooth and claw. The collection was photographed on Fashion Media & Promotion students at UCA Rochester, celebrating their personal achievements and individuality.


‘dragon’s gate’

Spring Summer ‘18.

This collection was inspired by a tale that originated in Ancient China and spread to Japan. The story celebrates faith and perseverance, leading to a singular transformation that takes place at The Dragon’s Gate; the triumphant scaled carp, having swum upstream for 100 years, becomes the scaled Golden Dragon. I found this legend very motivational. Waterlilies, dragons and golden carp decorate a variety of summery hats photographed on Luna; a highly creative individual who works with fashion, make-up, pose and prose to create a multitude of identities online. I was so thrilled she created one for me for this project. We printed a lookbook inspired by Japanese ink paintings.



Autumn Winter ‘17.

A sombre toned but comically addressed collection that takes us out of this world, into the unknown, in a last-ditch attempt to achieve contentment. The season was presented alongside a collection of Instagram posts in the form of a countdown. News, gossip, warmongering, profiteering, trash and consumerism have poisoned the ‘world’ so time to jet off and find a new one. Choose your passengers carefully; I was reminded of Douglas Adams’ brilliant theory on the origins of humankind on Earth in his brilliant Hitch-hiker series.


‘This Little piggy went to market’

Spring Summer ‘17.

This collection is about capitalism vs. creativity. It’s a struggle. I wanted to explore the commodification of our lives, our bodies, our personalities: The Meat Market. I love this collection; it swings from highly commercial and attractive designs in beautiful nude (fleshy) tones, but is mixed with highly UNcommercial styles that tell the story from a different perspective. We photographed the collection on Edie, the daughter of a friend and client. They turned up at my stand at London Fashion Week and Edie dazzled us with her confident approach and poise. The next time we saw her was in Tatler! She has a face that really sums up the new generation to me; diverse/integrated, mindful and strong.



Autumn Winter ‘16.

This collection is a fusion of themes and projects that had been keeping us occupied in the studio. From our observations and dreams of the grand catwalks of Paris, to a lovely project on beetles, bugs and spiders inspired by iridescent Swarovski jewels. To end we’ve included some styles we made for The Elephant Ball in London; a huge charity event, supported by HRH Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall, looking at endangered species all round the world with a focus on the Asian elephant. We looked at the tentacles, fins, spines and grabbers of the inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef – and photographed them in UV light.


‘Midnight Cowboy’

Spring Summer ‘16.

This collection is a fusion of themes and projects that had been keeping us occupied in the studio. From a project we did with Hasbro and My Little Pony to work inspired by a trip to the Joshua Tree desert in California. I was stunned by how remote and harsh the environment is and what an endeavour it must have been for the immigrant Europeans pushing ever Westwards. The collection begins with some dark floral occasion pieces with dynamic flashes of bright colour and line.


Autumn Winter ‘15.

I was very inspired by colour and texture in this collection; looking through the lens of the 15th Century. I wanted to look at the subtleties in texture and colour of  pale, natural, unbleached and organic materials like silk and cotton and how layering and light could affect them. I have always loved the ‘black and white’ / ‘heavy and light’ fashions we see in Elizabethan and Flemish 15th Century portraiture. I worked again with Zandra Rhodes who printed on silks and organzas and even on the materials we use to block hats.

From this I wanted to look at the importance of colour – so easy for us to take for granted. The Imperial Purple, shocking Blood Red and the fiery orange of Queen Elizabeth’s signature hair. That’s the ‘nice’ bit. There is underlying threat, gore and paranoia in this collection; pomp, drama and posturing. The reactionary responses to differences between classes, religions and beliefs in modern times reminded me of the horrors , betrayals and uncertainties we can only imagine during the time Elizabeth took the throne. A warning.



Spring Summer ‘15.

In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death. 

                                                                                           - Sam Llewelyn

The quote says it all really. We are so romantic about gardens and flowers and yet they are reproductive organs on full display; meanwhile vines creep, weeds strangle, leaves smother, grubs nibblie, bees sting… I return often to the polite veil we draw over the survivalism of nature; red in tooth and claw. This time it’s green in root and leaf.

I had been working with Cathy St Germans, Michael Howells and Sarah Mower at Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall with its magnificent gardens, terraces and greenhouses – all in a romantic state of approaching dilapidation. The sunny days and pungent nights were a welcome break from the distractions of the city.

This is the last of the third triptych of collections looking at mindfulness and reflection. From childhood impulsive needs, wants and desires to the blind, egomaniac, grabbing ‘now!’ of consumerism, we finish here with a thoughtful, wise, tolerant and nurturing theme that incorporates, guides, and encourages the untameable and creates a garden.


Autumn Winter ‘14.



Spring Summer ‘14.



Autumn Winter ‘13.


Spring Summer ‘13.

‘OH, MY!’

Autumn Winter ‘12.



Spring Summer ‘12.


Autumn Winter ‘11.



Spring Summer ‘11.



Autumn Winter ‘10.


Spring Summer ‘10.

‘THE frog and the princess’

Autumn Winter ‘09.


Spring Summer ‘09.



Autumn Winter ‘08.