Autumn / Winter '12

'oh my!'

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Photography: Thomas Lohr /
Stylist: Kim Howells /
Set Design: Alùn Davies /
Hair: Bianca using Bumble and Bumble
Make-up: Martina Luisetti using MAC
        Models: His - Andrew Macgregor at FM and Hers - Kitty at Select
Casting Director: Paul Isaac
Stylist Assistant: Isabella Sumner
Set Design Assistant: Emma Fischer
Hair Assistant: Amber Rose
Make-up Assistant: Nelson Catarino

With thanks to Gary at Ascot, Erin at David Morris Jamie at London Undercover and Kitty at Kitty Joseph / / /


Concept: Piers Atkinson
        Brand Consultancy: Kim Howells
Art Direction and Collection Consultancy: Alùn Davies
Graphic Designer: Olle Borgar
 Textile Graphics: Philip Dunn
Textile Illustration: Rosemary Beard /
Film by Zaiba Jabbar /

Studio: Rosemary Beard: buying and embroidery, Jessica Broas: millinery & production management, Philip Dunn: studio & design assistant,  
        and  the team: Paddy Berry, Jordan Bowen, Katie Coxedge, Hetty Douglas, Sarah Ebstein, Andrea Krill, Jessie Lam, Wendi Li, Lizzie McQuade and 
        Maryia Paskaleva  with Emma Aitchison: metal & leatherwork, Thea Ellis: knitwear, Sarah Keeling: documentary filming and Chloe Scrivener: millinery 

With thanks to Ella, Ash & Ebi at Ella Dror PR / Kim & Alùn / Kitty & Kit / Stephen Jones, Katie Bain, Antonio Fiengo, Barbara Grispini,
Clara Mercer, Sarah Mower, Anna Orsini, Camilla Scott-Bowden & David Watts at the BFC / Royal Ascot for the support / The St Martin’s Lane Hotel
Inky Hsieh for weaving the web / Franky & Ivy my Eastern Angels
Nicole and Ella at David Morris / Printed by Jigsaw Colour Ltd

This collection is dedicated to the journey of our D.N.A…oh my!