Spring / Summer '14

'It's my party!'

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Photography: Lorenzo Dalbosco at The Book Agency
Stylist: Kim Howells at The Book Agency
Model: Yehrin Tong / yehrintong.com
Stylist’s Assistant: Chelsey Clarke

Studio: Jessica Broas: millinery & production manager / Holly Kennedy: millinery & studio manager
Philip Dunn: studio & design, Lizzie McQuade: millinery
 and the team: Emma Aichison, Athanasia Amvrosiou, Tibo Bechu, Jamie Briggs, Vicki Chen
Francisco Rico Campos, Sunmin Lee, Franky Mang and Sally-Sarah Titterington with Michelle Clement, Charles Garcin
Sky Richardson, Sandra Sheer, Tori Single, Michelle Warren and Tui & Miel

Concept: Piers Atkinson
Brand Consultancy: Kim Howells
Illustrations & CAD: Elva Rodriguez
Embroidery: Rosemary Beard
Wigs & Hairpieces: Tamara Walsh
Sticker Art and Gifs: Hannah Grunden
Animated Film by Elva Rodriguez

With thanks to Ella, Ash & Ebi at Ella Dror PR / Stephen Jones / the BFC & The London ShowRooms
Bob & Gill at Tamatec / Imagine Inflatables / Artistic Spaces / Dongguan Shuntong Color Printing
Inky Hsieh for weaving the web

‘Oh, Judy and Johnny just walked through that door,
Like a Queen with her King.
Oh what a birthday surprise,
Judy’s wearin’ his ring!’ 
“It’s My Party” by John Gluck, Wally Gold and Herb Weiner