Spring / Summer '12

'hot voodoo'

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Cast & Crew

Front of House
Photography: Thomas Cooksey / cookseystudio.com
Stylist: Kim Howells / kimhowells.com
Set Design: Alùn Davies / alun-davies.com 
Hair: Bianca Tuovi at CLM
Make-up: Mel Arter at CLM
Model: Tsheca at Storm
Stylist Assistant: Marina de Maghalhaes
Set Design Assistant: William Walsh

“…..I’m ready for my close-up”

Photography: Thomas Cooksey / cookseystudio.com
Producer and Stylist: Kim Howells / kimhowells.com 
Set Design & Production: Alùn Davies / alun-davies.com
Stylist Assistants: Daisy Newman, Reuben Esser and Marina de Magalhaes
Set Design Assistants: Sarah Keeling, Iga Gawrońska, William Walsh & Megan Penfold
Cast: Alexandra Moon-Age, Andrew Logan, Bethan Wood, Dudley at NEXT, Duggie Fields, 
The Fabulous Russella, Fred Butler, Jeremy at D1, Jessica Broas, Josh Quinton, Julie Verhoeven, Mr Roy at ROY INC, Rosie Beard & Tsheca at Storm 
Crew: Alun Davies, Iga Gawronska, Kim Howells, Megan Penfold, Sarah Keeling & Zaiba Jabbar

With thanks to Zandra, Ben, Frances and Dee at the Zandra Rhodes Penthouse Salon 
for the spectacular location and to Andrew Logan for the Alternative Miss World’s throne sculpture.
zandrarhodes.com / andrewlogan.com

Film by Zaiba Jabbar / zaibajabbar.com 

Concept: Piers Atkinson
Brand Consultancy: Kim Howells
Art Direction and Collection Consultancy: Alùn Davies
Graphic Designer: Olle Borgar
Illustration: Jayde Benali

Studio: Yoshika Ishibashi, Rosemary Beard, Philip Dunn, Jessica Broas, Chloe Scrivener, 
Elva Rodriguez, Mary Thrift, Katie Coxedge, Maryia Paskaleva, Kari Indergård Sundli, Tara Heseltine, 
Franky Mang, Ivy Sun, Sunmin and Megan Penfold 

With thanks to Ella, Ash and Ebi at Ella Dror PR / Kim and Alùn / Stephen Jones, Katie Bain,
Clara Mercer, Camilla Scott-Bowden, Lucy Newman & the BFC / Royal Ascot for the 
incredible support / Caroline, Silvia and the team / Sandi & Shalinee at The Sanderson Hotel / 
Charlotte Olympia & Zandra Rhodes / Reuben Esser / Mamadou Oury Diallo at londonafricandrumming.co.uk /
Charlie Watkins, Fiona Eagle & Dr. Penelope Watkins / Michelle print at Zandra’s / Leigh Keily & Inky Hsieh for weaving the web

And extra special thanks to my amazing team without whom I’d never sleep.

This collection is for my grandmothers; Grandma Lesley who was the greatest inspiration, and Grandma Stella who still is!